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My First Doll - Iris (25cm)

My First Doll - Iris (25cm)

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This is the princess doll that will make babies dream! Princess Iris gently and delicately assumes the attributes of the most beautiful princesses. With an inifnie sweetness and adorned with details of fairy tales, Princess Iris of Kaloo is the ideal royal doll to reassure and make baby dream. Wearing a sumptuous braid and a golden tiara, she overflows with elegance. Her long princely dress in peach tones topped by a sequined tulle cape gives her the grace and magic that will amaze baby. He will love manipulating the tissues of his little fingers. And in order not to lose it, just write the baby's name on the ribbons sewn on the back of the little doll. This beautiful 25 cm fabric doll can be with baby from birth and is machine washed.

Size: 25cm

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