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Funshine Bear - Tonies

Funshine Bear - Tonies

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The Care Bears are here, so give them a cheer. And all yourl ittle bears need to do to join in the cheer-fun is pop Funshine Bear on top of a Toniebox. She’ll whisk them off to Care-a-Lot with a selection of sweet tales, designed to brighten up story time.

Recommended age: 3+ years

Running time: Approx. 61 minutes


01 Funshine Bear Intro

02 Summer's Comin

03 Funshine Interstitial 1

04 Rise and Funshine

05 Funshine Interstitial 2

06 I Love to LOL

07 Funshine Interstitial 3

08 The Last Laugh

09 Funshine Interstitial 4

10 I Like to Rise My Bike

11 Funshine Interstitial 5

12Let the Funshine

13 Funshine Interstitial 6

14 Silver Lining

15 Funshine Interstitial 7

16 Always Time to Care A Lot

17 Funshine Outro

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