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The Bing stories celebrate the loud, joyous, and untidy aspects of life as a pre-schooler. They are compact narratives, yet they brim with the kind of drama that young children and their caregivers will find familiar. The audio collection features original dialogue, music, and songs from the Bing TV series, enriched with narration by Teresa Gallagher.

Cast: Elliot Kerley, Mark Rylance, Eve Bentley, Shai Portnoy, Jocelyn MacNab, Akiya Henry, Poppy Hendle

Recommended Age 3+

Running Time: approx. 52 minutes

List of titles:

01 - Hello!
02 - Voo Voo Story
03 - Bananamento Song
04 - Ducks Story
05 - Paddling Pool Story
06 - The Rainybow Song
07 - Musical Statues Story
08 - Sleepover Story
09 - Hoppity Voosh and the Moonkeeper Story
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